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The worst advice you’ll ever hear about blogging Part 9

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This is part 9 of a blogging series about bad blogging advice. In part 1 I shared 11 pieces of bad blogging advice and below is a brief recap of what we have covered in this series so far. In this blog post we are going to cover another bad blogging tip: it doesn’t matter how often you blog.


If your goal of blogging is to drive traffic and therefore have brand awareness then this is a terrible piece of advice. Blog frequency has a tremendous impact on the success of your blog and your traffic. Before we get into the details of this bad piece of blogging advice I am going to summarize the first 8 post in this series for you below.

#1 If you just write it they will read it.

#1 is flat out not true. Just because you write blog posts and release it, it does not mean that your readers will find you. There are so many reasons for this. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 1

#2 Design doesn’t matter.

There is much more to design then pretty pictures even. Design includes the font type, the spacing between the lines and how the text fits on the page. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 2

 #3 Blog on a free domain and move it later.

This is a subject that I am so passionate about that I wrote a three part blog series on it. The links are listed below and so in this post I will make one statement. Invest in your company and believe in it enough to buy your own domain name and host it yourself. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 3

#4 Write amazing content
This is a controversial topic and frankly it is a vague tip.What exactly is good content? How do you define it other than to say that you know it when you read it. The problem with the statement is that it stops people, I sure know that it has stopped me plenty.  Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 4

#5 Blogging will save your SEO problems

I do believe that blogging can make an impact on your search engine rankings but it is not the SEO solution that you may have been hoping for. I like to think of SEO as ongoing action item list. However, before we get too far read a brief summary of the first bad blogging tips below. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 5

#6 Blogging is easy, just write some stuff

Perhaps that is true if you are journalist but for the rest of us, writing is the hardest part. If you are a natural born entertainer who loves being on stage, it is difficult to understand why the rest of us want to puke the entire time. Read the full blog post here: Bad Blogging Advice Part 6

#7 Don’t worry about it, those images are free because they are online.

First, let me scream! Arhhhhhhhh! Ok thanks. This issue is becoming even more confusing because there are more and  more places to get these free images. The problem is that you must carefully read the rules related to any specific image. Bad Blogging Advice Part 7

#8 Don’t write more than 300 words.

This is terrible advice but I do understand the spirit behind it. I teach that a good rule of thumb is write between 400 – 600 words on average. Bad Blogging Advice Part 8

#9 It doesn’t matter how often you blog as long as you blog every once in a while.

The search engines are looking for websites that are current and the best way to keep your website / blog current is to update it on a frequent basis. This alone is a good enough reason to create a reasonable blogging frequency. Your blogging frequency choices not only impact you but they also impact your audience. 

How often should you post new blog posts? 

The answer is: it depends. 

Here are a series of questions that you need to ask yourself:

  1. What is the purpose of my blog?
  2. Who is my target audience?
  3. How much time do I really have to dedicate?

Let’s talk purpose briefly:

My blog is my full time job? 

If you say yes to this then blogging more frequently is a good plan because the more that you blog the greater chance you will have for exposure. See point #5 in this series.

This is a company blog and the purpose is to bring exposure to my business? I

f you say yes to this then unless you have a dedicated blogger you will want to blog less frequently. While we know that blogging daily or more brings better results we have to be honest with ourselves here. Business owners wear many hats and being a blogger is somewhere around hat #115. There is no reason to start off with a high frequency that you can sustain. Starting with a high frequency and then slowing down can actually be more harmful then just starting slow from the beginning.

If you notice, I started this purpose question with you the blogger first instead of the reader. You must figure out what you are capable of and what your motivation is before you can think about serving the blog reader. It is ok to say that you can only blog one time a week, if that is the case. If you are just starting off as a blogger you don’t even have readers yet. At this point thinking of yourself first is completely acceptable and a darn good idea.

Now let’s talk about your readers.

  • How often would a reader actually want to read about my topic?
  • If I blog daily will my readers get tired of my content and feel like they are in overload?
  • If I blog infrequently will my readers feel disconnected from you and lose interest?

My tip to you is to find a blogging frequency that you can commit to up front. It is better to add to your frequency later then it is to subtract later.  

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