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Beginner Tip: How to add a link inside WordPress


How to add links to your WordPress blog


I really love meeting bloggers who are on the early part of the learning spectrum. One day I’ll have a Skype conversation with someone who doesn’t know what a widget is and the next I’m learning incredible .css tips from a high-end WP resource. My love of learning extends to the love of teaching and I’m thrilled to share pointers that help newbies who may just be considering WordPress for their CMS platform. So yeah … here’s a basic tutorial video with ~ta-da!~ links that provide even more info.

When building a blog or website you will want to add links within your content. For example, here is a link to a blog post by Moz about 5 Reasons You Should Link Out to Others From Your Website.

If you’ve written a three-part series, for example, ensure you link to the other two posts in each one. This helps keep readers clicking on your content, enjoying your blog posts without having to HUNT for them, such as by hitting the Back arrow or “Home.”

I recommend that you check-mark the “Open in a new window” for external links, but if you are taking your reader on a “journey” through your blog that eventually ends in a Contact Us form, newsletter subscription field or a Buy Now button, don’t check this link and it will load new content within the same browser tab.

Add a title to your link.

Here’s how it looks when a user hovers their cursor over your link or image. Look, there’s even a shadow! It’s actually hovering. So magical!


Depending on the version of WordPress that you are running, your link function should look like one of the options below.  As of version 4.2 update (which happened about 10 minutes ago it seems), the Title option is not native to WordPress. However, they now offer the ability to change your link text on the fly. Pretty handy.


So — to add a Title to your in-line link, you will now need to install a plugin called Restore Link Title Field. Once you install the plugin, you then see the Title option as shown below.

Plugin to Add link title WordPress

Website External Link Checklist

  • Is this link relevant?
  • Is the website that I am linking to one that I am willing to be associated with?
  • Do I want the link to be opened in a new window?
  • What is the anchor text going to be? (The text that appears highlighted in a hypertext link and that can be clicked to open the target web page.)
  • If you want to learn even more about website linking technique then check out these tips directly by Google about linking (note that this link is set to open in a new tab.).


Link Building Strategies

While this post is not about SEO, I do want to take this opportunity to give you a couple of tips about link building. One, don’t purchase links. The search engines have caught on to this strategy and your site will be pushed down in ranking when you are caught. Two, use natural links (relevant to your content) instead of planting links specifically to make your site look more popular to search engines.

[box title=”” bg_color=”#4e8abf” align=”center” text_color=”#ffffff”]What other WordPress questions do you have? Please let me know in the comments below.[/box]


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