How to create a word document with Google docs

How to create Google Drive Documents and Why You Should

How to use Google DriveI have become a fan of Google docs and their versatility. My favorite part of Google docs is how I can access the document from any computer. I bounce around between computers often and while I do still use the standard Microsoft Office tools this is becoming a go to, especially for strategy. The second best part of Google docs is that ability to share the document with anyone else who has a Google account.

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A word of caution:

If you share the Google word document with someone it is important to remember that a) that person can see everything and b) that person can edit anything.

More than one person can have the document open at the same time and edit it at the same time. This can be quite handy if you are collaborating with someone but be careful not to overwrite one anothers work.

[su_note note_color=”#ffb766″ radius=”5″]Google Docs does not have a save button. It saves automatically. [/su_note]

Specific Use Case for Google Drive

Freelancers: I have had freelancers that I worked with in the past and we used Google Drive for everything. He kept his hours and what he was working on Google Drive. When he was finished with an assignment he would updated Google Drive.

Goal Setting: If you are working on a large goal this is a great tool for brainstorming. The reason that I prefer Google Drive over Microsoft Office is because I can easily access my document from my iPhone or even my tablet. If I am out and about and have an idea, I can open it on my phone and updated it immediately.

Tracking Blog Posts: This is a great way to work on blogging with another. For example, if you have a proof reader, emailing Word documents back and forth can become challenging to keep up and you can get confused. Do you have the latest version?  Did that person actually check it yet? With Google docs the document stays in one place and you can easily see who worked on it last and even at what time.

I have never lost a document: I operate across 3 computers and I sometimes forget to save. File management can be an absolute nightmare at times. When I use Google Docs, it automatically saves for me and I always know where the files are without question.

Cool Google Drive Stuff

Did you know that there are tons and tons of Google Document Templates for free? If you are into power lifting then there is a template for you.

Free Templates for Google Drive


Personally, I find this Sitemap Template far more interesting. I use tools like this one to plan out websites and blogs on a regular basis. Have you used this type of tool on your blog?



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Now, I know at this point, I am just geeking out on you but I do hope that you will find that this tool helps your daily blogging life in some way.

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