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 At the time of writing this tutorial, I am hosting six of my sites on my Plus Just Host account.

[su_note note_color=”#e9e7e4″ radius=”6″]Note: It is important to note that there seems to be significant difference in page speed and reliability between a Just Host Reseller account and a Plus JustHost account. I highly recommend a Plus account for all of your blogging efforts.[/su_note]

Tutorial on How to Install WordPress on Just Host

Before you start this tutorial, you will need the following:

  • A Just Host account
  • A domain name (aka URL or web address or site – depends on point-of-view)

If you have not yet purchased a Just Host account, I would appreciate a clickety on the linked image below. You will not pay more money for your hosting account but I will get a small referral kiss, which helps me fund tutorials like these.

Professional Hosting from Web Host


[su_note note_color=”#e39840″ radius=”6″]When you sign up for Just Host it is important to immediately document the username and password for your cPanel. [/su_note]

About domain names

When you sign up with Just Host for the first time, you will get a free domain name. If you already purchased your domain name, then take advantage of this by choosing either a spinoff of your domain (like a .net or .party or .coffee – yeah, baby!) that you could point to or buy your own legal name. It is a free domain name, so you may as well take advantage of this offer.

10 reasons why you should own it

  1. It makes you look like the professional that you are.
  2. YOU will have control over your content and design.
  3. You will have a professional email account: [email protected] for example, instead of [email protected]
  4. You can use a premium theme.
  5. Advertisers are more likely to tie in and buy ad space on your blog if the URL is your own.
  6. Why spend time building great SEO on a website that isn’t yours?
  7. Sites like Blogger and WordPress can turn it off at anytime for any reason that they choose.
  8. Sometimes you need https:// for secure shopping purposes.
  9. Unless you’re using self-hosted WP, your plugin options are limited.
  10. If a better platform/theme/skin comes along, you can change with the times.

Listen to the Podcast to hear what I had to say about each one of these.

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 Why I like Just Host

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  • I have had chats with Just Host on New Year’s Eve, major holidays and just randomly during the week. Every time they were extremely helpful and friendly. Customer service matters a great deal to me and I have always been pleased.
  • When it comes to my Plus JustHost account, I have had very little downtime.
  • The price is perfect for someone just starting out.


Just Host features

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