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Let’s talk about revenue

Ok today let’s talk about revenue. By the way, as an aside revenue and profit are not the same thing. This can be confusing sometimes. In this conversation we are going to discuss what a few phrases mean. I find this a bit confusing but let’s dive in together.  I am big fan of not overcomplicating things. […]

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Email is a nightmare

I really miss having an IT department. I bow down to the IT Lords of my past. I didn’t appropriately appreciate them at the time. Now that I have paid appropriate homage to the IT experts, let me ahem complain!We host our primary website, CookingChew at WPEngine. I love hosting with them BUT they don’t […]

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This Is Why Being a Blogger Is a Lifestyle Choice

Yesterday we rearranged our offices. Working from home is fantastic. I love pretty much everything about working from home with one exception.   Our house is too friggin small. To be more functional, we need a five-bedroom house. Guess what though!?!Right now we have a three-bedroom house. That means that from time to time, we […]

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