May 29

Does It Matter What I Wear?

I am at home hopefully creating content. I am a blogger, content creator or whatever you want to call me. So does it really matter what I am wearing?

When I first got out of tech school and started my career we had to dress in business attire. We couldn’t even dress in business casual. I had suits that I wore to work every day. It was actually kinda fun. I enjoyed shopping and putting together these outfits but it was expensive and very time-consuming. I can remember so many Sunday evenings spent ironing clothes in front of the tv. There was also those last minute drop-offs at the dry cleaners. It was a way of life. It was fine. However, I don’t believe that it made me a better worker but maybe it did. I dunno.

Now I sometimes spend half my day in my pajamas because I don’t want to take the time to get dressed. I get into a project and before I know it, it is 11am. Then when I do shower I throw on a t-shirt and shorts or whatever. Right now as I sit here writing this, I have showered and dressed but my t-shirt has a hole in it and I haven’t brushed my hair yet. I did blow dry it though. So I am mostly there!

Does this mean that I am not serious about business?

I don’t think that is the case but some people may think so. I know that I can’t work without shoes on and I sure can’t work without a bra on. Seriously! I just can’t do it. And yes, if you are wondering I will actually put those things on and yet keep my pajamas on. I am weird.

It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter how you dress. Just today I heard Gary Vee say that business names don’t matter. Business names are made. I believe this completely.

Some people have a brand based on how they dress or how they look. That is perfectly fine. If you create content centered around fashion then what you are wearing probably matters. What you are not wearing probably matters more. For example, if you wouldn’t be caught dead at your computer in pajama’s that is interesting to me. If that is you, please email me and tell me more about that.

What is insanely important to me is how my mind is dressed. Is my mindset ready for work? Do I feel pumped to work mentally? 


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