May 7

Blogging is not fun

Blogging is not fun!

Starting a blog is a lot of fun.

Blogging is work!

Fun and loving what you do are completely different things. Sure, I have a lot of fun working but I have a lot more fun watching tv or hanging out with friends.

I love blogging! I love it so damn much.

That fact that this is what we focus on is such a blessing. It is an incredible life. For 10 years, now I have worked around something WordPress, Social Media or Blogging related. That is incredible. It isn't always fruitful though. Fruitful or not though, it is work.

So if you are blogging and you are not making money yet, I want to challenge you to do something here. Next time you are asked to hang out with friends but you say no because you need to work on your blog say to them "I can't hang out because I have to work." 

It doesn't matter if you are publishing your first blog post or your 1,000th blog post, if you are working on your blog YOU ARE WORKING! If you ever plan to make any money you are working.


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