May 6

They WILL start paying attention


Do you feel like no one is paying attention to your blog?

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t see a Facebook post in a group with someone musing about whether or not this blogging thing will ever work.

Just today a family member reached out to me and said: “you have really gotten into this food thing it seems.”

Note: This food thing is in reference to the cooking website that we purchased last year.

I actually laughed out because that surprised me. I know that I have told her that we purchased a cooking website. I share articles all over Facebook. This website is literally all that I have done with my life for the past six months.

Six friggin months folks!!!!

So why did she suddenly realize that I had a food website?

The reason is simple. I started talking about it more and more. I stopped just sharing published articles but also started sharing information about the actual act of working on it.

People in our lives care about what we are doing. They want to see what we are doing with our days. The moment that I started sharing more about what I am working on in the moment in Instagram stories, it got people’s attention. People want to connect with you.

They don’t want to be preached at.

They don’t want to be sold to either.

People want to learn.

People want to buy things.

The key here is that they want to be inspired to buy when they are ready to buy and they want to learn when they need the information.

Remember to be human. If you are curious if people are paying attention, I promise you that they are. Once they know that you are serious about this blog, they will take it seriously too. Share everything! Share every behind the scenes moment.

People love blooper videos. People love behind the scenes.

Give people a reason to pay attention to your brand!


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