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The Power Of Commitment

After a few hundred songs you will write a hit song. ~Dan ClarkWe hear a lot about what it is going to take to be successful.Buy this tool.Use this calendar.Get up early.Stay strong.Take this course.Do _________Be __________What if the truth is simple yet the most difficult thing that you will ever do? What if the […]

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Do you care enough about your audience?

Do You Care Enough?

 Do you care about your topic? You have to believe your message. You have to be damn passionate about your message. So think about it. Do you care enough? This morning I was listening to a video from Russel Brunson and this topic came up. Well all know this. It isn’t anything new. If you don’t care it is […]

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The takeaway? I got over my fears of competing with other awesome bloggers and dove right in. I’m counting it as a success

My Hat Is in the Ring!

​Guest Post by ITB Blogger Mafia Member Daria Sometimes blogging is like losing weight. You know what you are supposed to do, it’s the actual doing of it that’s hard. For instance, I knew I needed to create an opt-in that supports the main theme of my blog — organizing. I even have loads of forms […]

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