Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

Are you giving up too soon?

Just Because you aren't making the progress as fast as you think you should, doesn't mean you're not making progress. Keep going! ~Unknown

When I saw this quote this morning it seriously resonated. It is so easy to say "I tried!" You can even feel good about that. You can say that you gave it your best shot but it didn't work out.

Have you really tried hard enough? Give it one more shot. #entrepreneurship

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Did you though?

Perhaps you should have kept going??

Sure, there is a time to walk away and accept failure. Failure isn't all bad by the way. There is a lot of value in failure.

The lessons learned when something bombs are so worth it but only if you apply it.

So if you are considering giving up because it is too hard or it doesn't feel like it will ever work, don't. Not today!

Don't give up today!

Give it one more month. Give it one more try.

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