February 3

Are You Giving Up Too Soon?

Just Because you aren't making the progress as fast as you think you should, doesn't mean you're not making progress. Keep going! ~Unknown

When I saw this quote this morning it seriously resonated. It is so easy to say "I tried!" You can even feel good about that. You can say that you gave it your best shot but it didn't work out.

Have you really tried hard enough? Give it one more shot. #entrepreneurship

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Did you though?

Perhaps you should have kept going??

Sure, there is a time to walk away and accept failure. Failure isn't all bad by the way. There is a lot of value in failure.

The lessons learned when something bombs are so worth it but only if you apply it.

So if you are considering giving up because it is too hard or it doesn't feel like it will ever work, don't. Not today!

Don't give up today!

Give it one more month. Give it one more try.


how to keep going

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  1. This is a great quote. I have in the past given up to soon. It can be hard to keep going when you feel like you aren’t getting the results you desire. However, it is always worth it to keep pushing forward.

  2. I definitely don’t use that language. I would also recommend paying attention to when your actions are not congruent to who you say you are or what you say you want. Thanks for reminder Renee.

  3. We all have feelings of giving up now and then. I mean, those dreams we aspire to can seem out of reach at times, no? But great advice, Renee–did you really give it your best shot? That question always kicks my butt back into gear!

  4. Good reminder Renee. I remember when I was starting a sales career (many eons ago before email). I called on businesses all day every day. My boss at the time told me that when I thought I was done for the day… make ONE more call. I have never forgotten that bit of advice

  5. I founder that sometimes it’s worth it to give up on a project. Either it’s not worth pursuing or my heart’s not in it. While you may give up on a topic, it doesn’t mean that you give up on what you’re doing. By continuing to pursue, things eventually fall into place.

  6. Statistically speaking, 90 percent of all startups fail. The reasons for failure are vast. I always suggest that someone has a professional consultation to help them sort through the question of “is it time to drop the business”.

  7. I spent 11 years in network marketing and this was a lesson that took me a very very long time to learn. Success is not overnight. For anyone. It takes years to perfect skill sets and the road to success is paved with lessons learned and moments of failure. We live in an instant gratification society where failure has become taboo and its giving people a false reality for what it takes to be successful.

  8. Thanks for sharing this–and also that inspirational quote–today. Definitely needed a kick in the rear. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart, that’s for sure, but it’s a great reminder that if we love something and believe in something enough, we can keep at it and work just a little bit harder to achieve our goals <3

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