January 11

Entrepreneur Tip Of The Day: Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Why on earth does drinking water matter to an entrepreneur?

Seriously, this is a real question right? If anything it will keep us from working. How? Well, think about it!

Because of water we will spend more time away from our desk.

By the way, that time away from our desk is a great break for our brain. It is incredible how much even a few minutes away from the keyboard can recharge us.


When you take that "water" break go ahead and take a quick walk. Even 100 steps around your house will refresh your spirits.

But here is the deal.

Research shows that drinking water can help you come up with the answer to that burning question. Are you trying to think faster?

Water could be the answer. And this whole time we thought that red wine was the answer.

Read here for the full bit of research: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2366353/How-drinking-glass-water-make-brain-14-faster.html

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If you listen to stories of successful entrepreneurs like I tend to do, you may notice a theme. All of them tend to say a bit of the same things:

1. Don't stop

2. Have passion

3. I wish that I hadn't taken better care of my body

Sure, they say much more than this BUT that third one is quite common. In my mind I always thought that this was some bullshit that successful people say. However, I have personally come to learn that taking care of our body helps us do more, think more clearly and be more productive.

I have also heard entrepreneurs brag about being crazy busy and not having time to take care of themselves. Often they are the ones who aren't quite as successful.

Have you noticed that?

So maybe exchange that ice tea or that soda for a nice glass of water. Give it a try. I put lime in mine and that really helps.

When I am drinking more water than anything else, it is true that more gets done. When I am consuming less carbs and less sugar my brain just clicks faster. Those are the days when I create my best content.


Drink water

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