Why failing at blogging early is not so bad and why you will grow.

Be ready to fail at blogging…Podcast #9



In the early days of blogging we feel like we are failing because we don’t have many readers and/or very little comments. In this podcast I talk about being prepared to fail at blogging…in the early days and why this can be good. It really is not as bad as it sounds.


Tip from Podcast #8:

I hear the phrase “eat your frog” all of the time and I guess that is one way of putting it. As I discussed in the previous podcast, blogging is my #1 item for the day. I put it first because it forces me to focus on it and knock it out before I get on to my clients. It is not that blogging is more important than my clients, actually it is quite the opposite. If I put my “frog” in front of my urgent then I get my frog done.

Now let me be clear, I obviously love blogging hence this podcast, my speaking and well my everything blog but when it comes to the actual writing part, I get weird. I get nervous. I get well weird. So I put it first so that it forces me not to overthink it. I get it done so that I can move on the rest of my day.

My tip to you is to work out your daily schedule so that blogging does not get put off.

SEO Tip:

Optimize your social media platforms. We think about optimizing our blog and our blog posts. there is a lot of talk about on page seo and meta this and meta that but today I wanted to remind you about your social accounts.

My challenge to you today is to go back to your twitter, your Facebook, your LinkedIn, your tumblr or whatever it is and check out your profile copy. Does it match your blog? Could it be better optimized? Are you using keywords?

Get Down to it

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Failing early is not all bad.
  • No one is going to read your blog for a while and why that is good.
  • Discover your true voice.
  • Change your mind about a few things.
  • You are practicing right now and that is good.


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Don’t forget to clickety on my PDF download of  Tips on Blogging for Business. It covers some tips about the Yoast Plugin and a few others that I install on all of my clients’ blogs.

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