Are You At War With Your Social Share Buttons?

Are You At War With Your Social Share Buttons?

Social Warfare Plugin Review

Social media share buttons shouldn't be this complicated.

Seriously, it is 2016 and it is time for the battle to end. Thankfully the war is over. Today you are going read a review of the Social Warfare Plugin.

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Social Media share buttons have been a constant struggle in my blogging life. Seriously, I have had to walk away from computer over the stupid social media share plugins more than anything else.

Have you had trouble getting your buttons to just show up on the page? Yeah, me too!

Are you sick and tired of creating so many different images for social media? Yeah me too!

You do not have to struggle any longer. The Social Warfare plugin saved me today and it is going to save you too.

Oh and let us not forget about the struggle of what a share shows on Twitter versus what it shows on Facebook.

Well today, I fought back. After 3 hours of sitting here fighting each plugin I made a decision that should have been made months ago.

I bought Social Warfare. This is a WordPress plugin that not only displays beautiful social share buttons but also allows me to control the images that are shared on social media.

Yes, this battle has been won!

Social Warfare | The Best WordPress Social Share Plugin


The Social Warfare plugin has beautiful social share buttons and allows you control over what will be shared on each social media platform. This plugin loads quickly and includes a click-to-tweet functionality that just makes life easy.

User Friendly

This plugin makes social media sharing easy, the way that it always should have been. It is easy to setup and. Once you install it, you will be setup and back to blogging again minutes.


The price of this product is beyond reasonable. It is practically a steal for what it offers.

While there is always a desire for free, innovation does cost. ​

Summary: Paying attention to how your blog posts appear on social media is no longer an option for bloggers in 2016. However, until now trying to control how those images look has been a pain in the butt. With Social Warfare you will now have absolute control of how your blog posts appear on social media. This plugin will save you time and heartache. This is a lightweight WordPress social share plugin that you want on your site.

We Like

  • There is no longer a need to create separate images for Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Linked In.
  • The interface is super simple. It is truly a plug and play WordPress plugin.
  • You will not need to read a long set of tutorials to use this product.
  • Loads fast and doesn't slow down your site.

We Don't Like

  • There could be more button options.
  • It requires a yearly subscription to receive the latest updates.
  • You will be driven to create custom Pinterest images.

$29 Single Site License

What makes Social Warfare amazing?

The social media image

Are you tired of Twitter just picking up a random image or even worse, not picking one up at all? Me too! With Social Warfare that will no longer be your struggle. Now your only question will be, what amazing image do I want shared on social media?

Before this plugin I would create a special image for Twitter, Facebook and if I was being really good, also for LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Note in the image below Social Warfare recommends an image size that they will optimize for all of the platforms. The image size is 1200 px by 628 px. If you create or resize an image to their specifications, they will optimize it for each social platform.

No more repetitive image creation.

WOW. Just WOW.

Create a specific social media title for each blog post


Would you like to set a custom share description for Pinterest? No problem!

Would you like to create a custom share description for Twitter? No problem!

Tip: Don't forget your hashtags when you write your custom Tweet.

Would you like to set what image is shared on Pinterest?


Social Warfare recommends that you create a Pinterest image that is 735 x 1102 pixels. Once you have done that, just upload it and you are all set.

Good Looking Social Share Buttons

While, I would always prefer more options when it comes to design, the Social Warfare plugin provides some super nice looking social media share buttons.

They provide 16 variations for your social share buttons. One of these options is custom color outlines. You can control the size of your social share buttons, the shape and hover color.

A few Social Warfare Button Design Options

Social Warfare Button Design
Social Warfare Button Design
Social Warfare Button Design
Social Warfare Button Design

Floating Social Share buttons

Floating social share buttons are a nice touch on any blog. Instead of your reader having to scroll to the top or the bottom of a blog post to share, they can share from anywhere on the screen. Floating share buttons entice your reader to share more often.

You will also have two design options on your floating share buttons. You can either boxes as I have on my blog or you can have buttons.

Turn Social Media buttons off

Perhaps you have a page or a post that you don't want people to share on social media. If you run into this scenario, as I do from time to time, you can control that on the post / page now.

To do this, just click on the drop down under each option. From there you can specify where the buttons show up on the page or disable them for that specific page.

Click to Tweet styles

A nice bonus from Social Warfare is that they include a click-to-tweet option that you can use in your post. This means one less plugin that you will need to run on your blog.

There are 7 different design options to choose from. If you are feeling really spicy, they provide you with the option to create your own custom CSS and really make it your own.

Your Twitter handle included in the Tweet

Would you like to know when people share your blog post on Twitter? Well, with Social Warfare you can and they make it easy. All that you have to do is add your Twitter handle in the Social Identity tab, as seen below.

Easy to use link shortening

With Social Warfare integrating with is easy. Finally! When you use this plugin you won't have to go hunt down your API key. Instead, you just click on that big green button and it does all of the work for you.

Note: You will need a Bitly account to connect. If you don't have one, this is a good moment to do it. Shorter links make your social media shares look better, take up less space and allow for easy tracking.

Easy share tracking

This may be one of my favorite features of Social Warfare. They make it easy to see what blog posts are being shared the most and how often.

When this feature is activated you will have an easy to see snapshot o your social shares, see below.

Share Count Recovery

Have you changed your URL structure on your blog? If you have done this in the recent past, this will have an impact on your social share button numbers. If this you, there is good news. Social Warfare has a share count recovery tool that you can activate on your site.


I hate spending money if it can at all be avoided. To be honest, I am guilty of not spending money when I should. So how much is the plugin? It is a steal at $29 for a single site license.

Incredible I know.

Well worth it? You betcha!

There are times when we are losing money because we are wasting time trying to save money. Have you ever been there?

I just bought this plugin and it is already making my life better. Hopefully, it will make yours better too. If you want to have full control of what is shared on social media, this is the plugin for you.

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