April 13

How To Fix The Thrive Content Builder Caching Conflict


Have you been experiencing issues with not being able to edit your page with Thrive Content Builder?

Just a few days ago, I did a few WordPress Plugin updates and suddenly, I couldn't edit my blog post content with Thrive Content Builder. The edit functions that are always on the right hand side, just were not there.

‚ÄčThere is a conflict between W3 Total Cache and Thrive Content Builder. Luckily, the solution is easy.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard:

Step 1: Scroll Down and click on Performance

Step 2: Click on Minify Which is under Performance

Step 3: Check "Disable minify for logged in users"

Step 4: Click on "Save all settings"


If you update either plugin, verify that your minify setting is still unchecked. Thrive Themes is working on a solution to this issue. Until, this is the only fix that you need.

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Thrive Content Builder not working, W3 Cache Conflict

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  1. Thanks for the quick tutorial. While this fix did work for one of my sites, but this didn’t solve the issue on my main site. Later I found out that a plugin was causing this issue. So I just disabled that plugin, and things started working.

  2. For me, It’s about wordfence plugin. The Thrive architect won’t save..

    And then I change the firewall mode of wordfence to Learning Mode and then, it works again. May this help someone have the same issue.

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