How Does Your Blog Look on Google?

How Does Your Blog Look on Google?

Tutorial on how to use Google Webmaster Tool: Rich Snippet Preview

Google is such a cool company and while often times people can feel as though they are working against us, they really are not. They have actually invested a great deal of time, money and resources in our success. Of course, Google has become a massively wealthy company because of what they do but they still care.

One of the cool tools that Google has provided is the Structure Data Testing tool. This simple tool does one thing for us, it show us how our links will look on Google. It is so simple that I keep thinking that I should read more into it but that is really it.

I believe that it is important to occasionally take a random page link or blog post link and test it, see how it looks on Google. How are things looking? Are you pleased with your titles? Would you click on this link?

Step 1: Choose a link from your blog to check. For this demonstration, I chose:

Step 2:

Go to this link:

Google rich snippets test

Step 3: Paste in your link.

How does your blog title look on Google

Now, take a look and see what you think. Immediately, I see an issue with my post. I should not have My Blog Title and Tag line in there. I need to go back to that blog post and correct it.

Google wants to provide the best possible of information to their clients, the searcher, and we want to provide our great content to new readers. This is why utilizing all of the great tools that Google has to offer is a win for us all.


[su_box title=”What do you think?” style=”noise” box_color=”#c1671d” radius=”12″]What is your favorite Google tool? How much time do you spending verifying how your links look online? [/su_box]

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