November 14

Be Honest! Do You Spend Enough Time On This?


The more time that you spend on a title the better that it will be.

I wrote well over 40 blog post titles before I settled on a title for a recent post. The rule of thumb that I have always heard is to write at least 10 titles before you even stop to analyze one.

Have I lost my ever loving mind?

The title of your blog is the most important part of your blog until it isn’t. You only have a few words to draw the reader in.

The title is your moment to entice them so don’t waste it.

Would you like a few tips?

1. Put your keyword in your title.

2. Be creative and don’t be shy.

3. Tell them what they will experience.

4. Give yourself a break, it is not as easy at it looks.

Blog title resources that will make you smile:

1. How to write a successful headline by CoSchedule.

2. Headline Analyzer tool.

3. Emotional Headline Analyzer.


Blog Post titles

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