How To Quickly Find Your MailChimp API Key

How To Quickly Find Your MailChimp API Key

Find MailChimp API Key

If you are starting to get serious about list building than the odds are good that you have installed a list building plugin on your WordPress blog. My go-to plugin is Thrive Leads but no matter the plugin that you are using, you will need to connect your plugin with your newsletter software.

This means that you will need to find your API Key. I hope that this 6 step process helps you with your list building.

How To Quickly Find Your MailChimp API Key
This is a 6 step process on how to find your MailChimp API Key
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  1. MailChimp Account
  1. Log into your Mail Chimp account
  2. Top Right Corner Click on your Face or Icon
  3. Click on Account
  4. Click on Extras
  5. Click on API Keys
  6. Copy Existing API Key
  1. Note: If you don't have an existing API key then click on 'Create A Key' and walk thru the prompted steps to create your MailChimp API Key.
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User Tip:

Paste your API Key in your Evernote so that you will always have quick and easy access.

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Here Are A Few Tips For Getting Started With A Newsletter

From: Smart Passive Income (Pat Flynn)

Spend time on your newsletter subject line. Pat recommends that you keep your subject line to around 30 characters. He says that this is the optimal length for a mobile device. Also don't be afraid to email your list and ask them questions and invite them to reply to your emails. Check out the article and video for even more great tips.

From: Vertical Response

Being informative and relevant is the end-all, be-all in the newsletter realm. Telling useful and/or compelling stories is also how we catch up with friends. If your email looks like a newsletter, but isn’t full of valuable, interesting, educational content, then it isn’t really a newsletter, nor is it a very good friend. But what do people consider valuable content?

From: CSR

Don’t wait until your newsletters are perfect to start sending them. Make sure you can easily analyze each issue and tweak the content and format from what you learn.

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