Quick Tip: How To Watch YouTube Videos Efficiently

Quick Tip: How To Watch YouTube Videos Efficiently

Quick Tip: How To Watch YouTube Videos Efficiently

Sometimes you run across a productivity tip that is just too good not to share. This is one of those moments.

I am constantly trying to figure out how to do something whether it be fix something around the house here or fix something on WordPress. This means that YouTube is a regular go-to resource for me.

But, I find YouTube videos annoying. Yes, this a terrible thing to admit. It is terrible especially considering that I make YouTube videos quite often. Be honest though, don't you just want the answer?

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Maybe you are looking for that one step that you forgot but you can't recall in what part of the video they put the step. As a result, you wind up watching 12 minutes of a video until they get there. Yes, you can skip around but then you wind up skipping it and ugh, you get the point.

The best solution is to put the video on fast forward and watch it until you get there. Then you can slow it back down when you get to the part that you want to pay close attention.

The best way to speed up a YouTube video is with a free Chrome extension called Video Speed Controller.

Once you install the Chrome plugin you will be able to control YouTube video speeds with the following keyboard controls. Being able to use your keyboard makes using this plugin super simple. 90% of the time I only use the D and R commands.

- S - decrease playback speed.

- D - increase playback speed.

- R - reset playback speed.

- Z - rewind video by 10 seconds.

- X - advance video by 10 seconds.

- V - show/hide controller.

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