February 15

Stop Trying To Be Like Everyone Else


Stop trying to be like everyone else.

There are no rules to content marketing. Not for you. Not anymore.

I just read a fascinating story about Chris Sacca in Tools of Titans. He talked about how wore a gaudy western shirt to an event and it made me him stand out in a unique way.

After he had such a positive response to that first shirt he wound up buying all of the shirts that the store had. Now he goes everywhere in them.

“Everyone kind of laughed and I realized it just put everyone in the room in a good mood, including me,” he says. “It also reminded me that the number-one risk in business is starting to take yourself too seriously and starting to believe your own BS a little bit too much. These shirts really reset that expectation.” ~Source

So let me ask you, what makes you stand out in the crowd?

What makes your blog or your business or YOU different?

Listen to this podcast episode to hear my thoughts on this:

There are so many ways to stand out. I know this because I Googled it. The internet is here to tell you exactly how to be unique.

Don't do those things. Do YOUR thing!


how to be different

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