April 8

How To Make A Free Twitter Header With A Canva Template


Today I was on Twitter and I realized that my header image hasn't been changed in quite a while. It is not that it needs to be changed daily or monthly but it is a good idea to refresh it from time to time.

Even more than refreshing your header, it should be branded. Thankfully, this doesn't have to be complicated. These days you don't even need to know Photoshop to create a beautiful image.

There are wonderful free tools for creating great images these days. In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly and easily create a Twitter header with Canva for FREE.

1. Go to Canva.com 

2. Click on plus more

Create a Twitter Header With Canva

3. Scroll down click on Twitter header


When designing your Twitter header image it is easy to forget what space will be taken up by Twitter. Canva provides us with this template so that we can design around it and create an optimal image.


With Canva you can either start with one of their pre-designed templates or you can start from scratch.

On the left, start scrolling thru their templates until you find one that you like.

Note: There are FREE templates and paid templates. If you are not prepared to spend any money on your design, make sure that you choose a free template.

When you find a template that you like, just click on it and it will show up in your canvas.

Change your text

You can change your text by simply clicking on it.

Backspace to clear the current text and then start typing.

You can change the font type, font size and font color using the grey box (as seen below).

You will have the option to download it in several formats. I suggest that you download it as a .jpg file.

Do not overdesign your images

Before you start designing your header image go spend some time on Twitter checking out header designs of brands in your industry.

For a bit of inspiration stop by this Hubspot blog. Take notice of how few words are on the designs. Use this to create a mood and tone for your brand.

A Few Twitter Tips For The Road


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