September 21

Stop Agonizing Over The Rules And Try Something


What is a rule anyways?

Who the heck made up the rules? I suppose that the rules are based upon statistics or maybe they were just created to serve someone.

Sure, some rules are good. Drink. Drive. Go to Jail. <----- Good rule.

Some rules were created to help. Blog 3 times a week <---- Helpful guiding principal

But here is the deal folks: when it comes to blogging there are two things to know. 

1. What worked for others worked for them.

2. What worked for others may not work for you.

We can't all go Kohl's and buy a mask, make a video expect to be on the Today show tomorrow. It worked for her but it likely will not wok for you.

Bonus: Download a free checklist of the first plugins that I always install on a new WordPress Blog. 

It is incredible but that video has had almost 8 million views.


So here is my challenge to you and to me, because I struggle with this too.

Try something!

What is the idea that you have had in the back of your mind?

You know the one.

It is there lurking…teasing you.

Do it. Try it.

The worst thing that can happen to a blogger is that no one pays attention. If that happens then we can't be embarrassed.


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  1. Love this message as well, Rene! Yes, if we analyze the death out of an idea, it kind of takes the fun out of doing it. Personally as a writer, I have always written what interests me and what moves me. Right now I am doing a blog series (wow, I never thought I would say that!) on health and health myths. Although it is my wheelhouse, as the saying goes, it isn’t something I generally write about. It’s a great exercise in writing both what interests me and also getting input from others on what they would like to hear about. I can feel another direction pulling me though, so who knows what will want to be blogged about next. Like you say, I am always willing to ‘do it’ and ‘try it’. What’s the worst that could happen? Right!

  2. Being ourselves and finding what works for us is always the best plan. I’ve always thought that blogging is not one size fits all, and you’re absolutely right. Trying new things help us to find what WE communicate and do best.

    1. Jennifer,

      Well, this post was inspired by a conversation with Susan Malone actually. I realized that sometimes we get stuck in these routines that other people told us we should be in and that just isn’t right.


  3. I agree, what works for you may not work for me. I have to pursue the avenues that work best for me and my business even if it didn’t work well for you. We are each have our own path to follow. Jumping in with both feet is what it takes sometimes. You can “what if” anything to death but where does that leave you?

  4. This is great, Renee. When I started my blog I became so caught up in all the advice I actually lost sight of the reason I started. Now I’m letting the muse take me where it will and I have a couple of new ideas bubbling around that I can’t wait to implement.

    1. Tamuria,

      I think that so normal for a new blogger. We just care so much and we are nervous and it is important to get it right. As we grow as bloggers, it isn’t that we care less but rather that we feel more freedom to be ourselves.

      Blog on,

    1. Sabrina,

      Yes, in the early days of blogging we are nervous and just worried about the motions. As we move along though, we start to feel a bit of freedom. That is ok and that is normal.

      Blog on,

  5. Oh darling, I am so on the throes of trying something new. I am right there with you and love the message. Yep! Those rules are not for all and we must let it go. Saying yes to my inspiration and wrestling the doubting diva to the ground.

    1. Kristen,

      Thank you! Also, someone may notice later. That is important to keep in mind. People could be going thru and clicking links and land on that one thing that really speaks to them. You just never know unless you try.


  6. Sheer genius, Renee! I LOVE this post. Just get those ideas out there. We all have them – the trick is to hear them and ACT on them. And have fun – learn from the lady in the Chewbacca mask!

    1. Roslyn,

      I like that “Give yourself a chance!” Also, plenty of people write about the same topics but the style and the conclusions may be far different. That is what makes blogging so darn interesting.


  7. Good motivation Renee. We have to get out of our comfort zone of doing the predictable. Each week I start fresh because I don’t know what I”m going to blog about. I’ve written about things I find interesting and share it with others hoping they will find it of interest as well.

  8. Excellent point. Try something. What have you got to lose? Too often we are governed by fear of failure of what other people will think. We would worry less about what other people of us if we understood how seldom they do.

  9. Hi Renee,
    I love this. I finally tried something, my Healthy and Fit Fall Jumpstart. So far so good in sign ups. I love that you state that even if no one notices, then we can’t be embarrassed because no one notices. That is perfect.

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