This is how I install WordPress plugins on a new blog?

This is how I install WordPress plugins on a new blog?

Tutorial on WordPress Plugins

In this podcast I want to discuss a WordPress plugin that I use quite often. This plugin makes my life just a little bit easer each time that I build a blog. So in a moment, we will get down to it but I do want to let you know, at the end of this I will have a tip on a tool that I have been using a lot lately and and seo tip for you bloggers.

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Key points of this podcast episode:

  1. A WordPress plugin called MultiPlugin Installer
  2. The plugins that I always install first
  3. A few if / and / or scenarios
  4. An SEO tip about blog tagline
  5. A tool called Workflowy

  • MultiPlugin Installer

Ok so if you are like me and build a lot of WordPress sites, then here is a quick and easy tip for ya.

There is a WordPress plugin called Multi Plugin Installer and it will allow you to quickly install a bunch of WordPress plugins at once.

Now it may seem odd to install a WP plugin to install plugins but I am always looking for ways to reduce repetitive tasks.

If you only plan to build one blog in your life, this could still be useful to you. Go ahead and spend a few moments thinking about what plugins that you want to install. This is part of your planning stage.


Once you are done with this plugin go ahead and uninstall it. You will not need it on your blog again.

  • WordPress Plugins that I always install

Here are some of the Plugins that I always install on a blog these days and the list keeps getting shorter.

  • There are a few and / or / if scenarios that you may want to consider

Social Media Buttons

Everything after that really depends upon the theme used. For example, does it already have some social share buttons installed?

Backup Software

Also, depending upon where it is hosted will I or will not install BackUpBuddy. Considering that ITB is hosted on my Go Geek Siteground account, they do daily backups for me, so there is no need. Should I go ahead and do it anyways, I dunno maybe but I am not at this time.

404 Page

If the theme does not have a 404 option built right in, I will install a 404 plugin such as 404page.

  • Is there such a thing as too many plugins?

I have seen a lot of back and forth in the blog-o-sphere arguments against having too many plugins installed on your site. They argument is that too many will slow down a site but actually, it is really just about the plugin itself.

What I have observed is that plugins can conflict with one another and with themes. Some plugins are just better built than others. So if your site is running slow or just not running right then start turning those plugins off one by one until you isolate the problem.

In the future I would love to do a podcast series where I just talk about each plugin that I am using on my various blogs and why. However, until then I hope that this plugin helps you streamline your blogging process.

Make sure and listen to the full podcast to hear ALL of my thoughts on these topics and more.

A tool that I am loving right now.

Have you heard of Workflowy? I have come to love this simple tool. It is web based and it is basically a list making tool. It is so simple that it is almost difficult to explain. Imagine a set of list that you can indent, mark status on a task, and use hashtags to sort and search.

This tool is free and I am using for my average daily list. I also am using it to make check lists for projects. For example, when I created my How to Start a Blog video series, I used it for my planning. It was quite helpful and now I keep it an open tab pretty much all day long.

I highly recommend checking it out.

An SEO tip for your blog:

When is the last time that you checked in on your blog Title and Tagline? I actually just changed my tagline this morning. It was “Where blogging becomes simple” and now it is “Blogging Tips on How to Start a Blog” This actually fit my brand better and has two important keyword phrases.

So know what your important phrases are and see if you can work them in.

If you are curious about how to do change this on your WordPress blog, I have created a tutorial:

Note: After you change your title go ahead and resubmit your blog to Google so that your new title and tagline will be updated in their system. Link:

I would love your comments and feedback. Also, if you have any questions that you would like discussed in future episodes, please either leave them in the comments below or shoot me an email at [email protected]

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